Bentley's Pomegranate Black Tea (50 pcs.)

from The Boston Tea Company
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Bentley's Royal pomegranate-flavored black tea 50-ct tin. Premium select high-grown blend of Indian and Chinese black tea with exotic pomegranate. Enjoy anytime served hot or iced! Contains 50 string and tag tea bags, each sealed in a foil pouch within the tin to preserve freshness.

Bentley's Teas are prized by tea lovers everywhere for their full-bodied fragrance and exquisite flavor. We develop all of our prized teas by starting with only the finest teas from China, India or Sri Lanka. We then blend each tea with only the purest ingredients available along with the most delicate of processing techniques to create what we believe to be the perfect cup of tea.


premium blend of Chinese and Indian black teas, pomegranate flavors


We travel the world to find handpicked leaves and exotic spices to create the finest cup of artisan tea, at a price that won't cause a revolution.
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